2013 July

Egypt: Prayer needed for Christian worker caught in turmoil
Another Christian Convert Tried in Iran
Eight Christians in Iran Sent to Prison for Threatening "National Security"
Dozens of Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria
Egypt's Coptic Christians Pay Price of Political Chaos
Pakistan: false claims, blasphemy and Interpol
Egypt's Morsi gone: 'Military brings hope not coup,' says Coptic leader
History of Extremism in Pakistan
Pakistan: Man Found Guilty and Given Life Sentence for Sending "Blasphemous" Text Messages
Tragic Killings of South American Indians
Sudan Tracking Down Converts from Islam in Purge of Christianity
Kenya: Christian president seeks God’s covering for nation
Christian Prisoner Tells Story of Her Arrest, Persecution and Departure from Iran
Good news for believers from Iran
Religious freedom a stuttering pulse in Central Asia
IRAN: Pastor of Tehran Church Released
HONDURAS: Violence Threatens Pastors' Lives
LAOS: Couple Evicted From Home and Forced Out of Community
BELARUS: Praying in Homeless Shelter a Crime
Christians in Egypt Fearful after Five Copts Killed
Mulinde, Other Converts from Islam in Uganda Struggle to Recover
Buddhists and Muslims at odds in Burma
Fallout continues from horrific attack on a school in Nigeria
All change again in the Middle East
Persecuted Church outreach has new leader at the helm
Egypt: Islamic wrath falls on the church -- plus: update on Malaysia
Kyrgyzstan: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
Iranian Christian Convert Tried for Participating in House Church
Pray for Muslims during Ramadan
Gospel challenge rises up in Malaysia, lays low for now

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