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Aid in the Syrian Refugee Crisis


Date:                  June 29, 2013

By Gabriel J. Waddell
Special to ASSIST News Service

SYRIA (ANS) -- The civil war that has been ravaging Syria has been in the news for many months. Less prominently displayed in the news is the underlying current of human suffering that directly results from the bombings, chemical weapons, and other things that we would consider "newsworthy events."


Those fleeing the dangers of the civil war come in all shapes and sizes

One of those currents of suffering is the refugee crisis emanating from Syria. Thousands of men, women, and children have been forced to flee for their lives to various countries throughout the Middle East. Christians and Muslims alike have been caught in the crossfire and have lost their homes, their comfort, and all they hold dear.

The countries bordering Syria are facing a growing burden to care for the human wave that continues to spread. In order to meet the need, they are reaching out to those that are ready and willing to help, wherever that help comes from. One of the organizations stepping in to meet the need is Remember (

Remember is a ministry which has the primary goal of ministering to persecuted Christians, specifically the widows and orphans of martyrs. Christians in Syria are facing active persecution for their faith, having been caught in the middle of the sectarian violence. But the refugee crisis has opened the door for an even broader ministry. Working with the Ministry of Health, Remember has a team in the Middle East right now ministering both to Christians and Muslims that have been displaced from Syria. Regardless of their religion, Remember is convinced that every one of these precious souls needs to be reminded - or perhaps told, for the very first time - of the love of Jesus Christ.


Their missions is to provide both medical attention and medications free of charge.

The team's immediate practical goal is to provide acute medical care to refugees with health needs. That is being done through a clinic is being held at a local church. Through the work of Remember, the church, the Ministry of Health, and the UN refugee agency, the refugees are being bussed to the church, where they receive free medical attention. Most importantly, they are given a tangible reminder of the love of Jesus Christ.

For safety reasons, we have to be careful about revealing too many details while the team is in the Middle East. The location in which the team is ministering is only one of many areas that have been affected by the crisis, but in two days of clinics, the team's three doctors have been able to see and treat approximately two hundred patients of all ages. That number will be quickly rising through the remaining three days of clinics.

Please pray that this clinic will not only result in physical pain being alleviated, but also that it would result in lives being changed. Pray that Christians will be reminded of the love of our Savior, and that Muslims will be challenged by the love that Jesus has for them, as demonstrated by the team on the ground.

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Gabriel J. Waddell has had the privilege of meeting and ministering to persecuted Christians throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, including the missions trip he describes above. He sits on the Board of Directors of Remember (, an international non-profit dedicated to meeting the needs of widows and orphans of Christian martyrs. Gabriel is an attorney specializing in bankruptcy and debt relief issues, and lives with his wife in Fresno, California.

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