2013 June

Egypt's President Approves 17 Year-old Church Building Permit
Vietnam Stonewalls Efforts to Rectify Religious Rights Abuses
Police Back Off Statement of Religious Motive in Murder of Christian in India
Iran Pastor Irani Facing Death Penalty; Health Deteriorating
Protests spread in Turkey, Christian ministry calls for prayer
Imprisoned Pastor's Wife Addresses UN Panel
Human Rights Organizations Expresses Concern at "Disproportionate" Sentencing of NGO Workers in Egypt
EGYPT: Christian Teacher Accused of Blasphemy
‘Christian Convert Kidnapped In Pakistan By Taliban Militants’
India Militants Attack Baptist Pastors; Several Injured
Nigeria: Boko Haram officially banned
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Sentences Pastors For Evangelism, Literature Distribution
‘China To Eradicate All House Churches; Dozen Closed In Province’
The rise of Islamic extremism in Central Asia and the Caucasus
Pakistan Pressured To Detain 36 Militants As PM Takes Office
Visa trouble could be problematic for foreign workers in Afghanistan
Christians watchful as Sharif returns to power in Pakistan
World Watch Monitor reviews Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert & Nina Shea's new book
Turkey: at the crossroads? -- a call to pray for the remnant church and for national awakening in Turkey
NGOs Mark the Eleventh Anniversary of Government Crackdown on Churches in Eritrea
Serbia Ministry Leader in Prison for Defending His Family and Home
Egypt practicing 'legal' discrimination against Christians
Kazakhstan targets Muslim background Christians
Allegation against Imprisoned American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini Says He was Commissioned by the White House
China Sentences House Christians To Long Prison Terms
Most Christians Doubtful about Change after Pakistan Elections
China President Urged To Release Stroke-Stricken Pastor
Militants Launch “Reign of Terror” Againt Christians In Central Africa Republic

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