2013 April

IRAQ (Kurdistan Region): Muslim Leader Converts to Christianity
KAZAKHSTAN (Update): Court Decision to Destroy Bibles Overturned
IRAN: Pastor Saeed's Faith Remains Strong Despite Inhumane Treatment
Beyond Boko Haram: The Lethal Persecution of Nigeria's Christians
Somalia Christian Convert Feared Dead After Islamic Kidnapping
Missionary pilot goes missing on the way to Mali
Pakistan President Urged To Release Jailed Christians
Syrian Pastor: situation for Christians worsening
Brazilians’ ordeal in Senegal prison over, but legal challenges remain
Kazakhstan: 'He Needs Local State Permission to Preach'
Worldwide Awareness Day for North Korean Refugees
Honduras: Christians experience threat, danger in one of the world's most violent cities
Iran: Daughter of Former Iranian President Said Two Christian Women Were in Prison with Her
Muslim Extremists in Somalia Seize, Torture Convert from Islam
Iraq: Pre-election violence rattles sectarian nerves
Beatings Intensify: American Pastor's Condition Worsens in Iranian Prison
Trauma still haunts a church in Garissa, Kenya
Assyrian Girl Escapes Muslim Death Threats in Iraq, Fights Cancer in Lebanon
Copts Arrested in Egypt Following Attack on St. Mark's Cathedral
Iranian Authorities Demand American Pastor Saeed Recant Faith in Christ
Jailed Iran Pastor “Rejoicing in Christ” Despite Reported Abuse
Egypt Detains 4 Christians Over Deadly Violence
Proposed law against cults in Sri Lanka threatens churches
Caught in the Crossfire Situation worsens for Christians in Syria
Church Closures, Demolition Spark Protest in Indonesia
Stories from the Persecuted Church: Martyred for Christ: Vam Ngaji Vaj
SENEGAL (WEST AFRICA): Falsely Accused Missionaries Granted Bail
Turkey Lawyer In Christians Killing Case Facing Death Threats
North Korea delivers new round of threats
Pastors fined in Azerbaijan

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