2013 February

Christian Bookstores Raided, Church Buildings Demolished in Sudan
U.S. pastor in jail in Russia
SYRIA: Silent Exodus of Assyrian Christians
INDONESIA: Fire-Bombings Targeted at Churches
TANZANIA: Pastor Killed in Religious-Related Brawl
Four churches targeted in attempted firebombings in Indonesia
Nigeria: Boko Haram's surprise ceasefire: pursue peace but not at any price
Pakistani Judge Throws Out Blasphemy Charge
Sudanese Government Detains Over 50 Christians
Attack on Indian revival meeting sends Christians underground
US: Congress scored on religious liberty priorities
Nigeria: Boko Haram 'cease fire' reveals future goals
Russian Ministries Advocates for Detained U.S. Citizen
Tanzania: Pastor beheaded as Muslims demand the total Islamisation of the meat industry
Libya & Sudan: Christians facing death for their witness -- plus: viligant prayer requested for Tanzania
Pentecostal Pastor Beheaded In Tanzania
Copts Protest Church Attack in Egypt; Church Attacked Again
Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.
Christians in Syria Targeted for Kidnapping
Egypt Christians Tense After Muslim Mob Destroys Church
Persecution Rises in China as Plan Begins to End House Churches
‘India Evangelist and Mother Jailed For Evangelism in Karnataka’
Priest Shot Dead In Zanzibar; Pastor Beheaded On Mainland
The Second Anniversary of the Libyan Revolution Brings Arrests of Foreign Nationals
Muslim Mob Torches Church in Egypt
Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini: 80 Congressmen Urge John Kerry to Intervene
Two Pastors in India Arrested after Being Beaten, Threatened
AZERBAIJAN: Denial of Church Registration Causes Mounting Pressures
Algeria Sentences Christian For Evangelism
Is a ceasefire a reality with Nigeria's Boko Haram?

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