2013 January

Iran Pursues 'Sham Trial' Against American Pastor Saeed for his Faith in under One Week
Muslims Demolish Church Owned Building in Egypt
Chechnya (Russia): the long-suffering land -- a call to pray for the Church in Chechnya
Pakistan Supreme Court confirms decision to drop blasphemy case
Call for British Prime Minister to Protect 'the cross' in light of European Court verdict
Human Rights Organization Writes Open Letter to Laos President about Disappearance of Christian Family
British Airways Employee Wins Case Over Wearing Cross
Jihad in Kenya takes a startling turn
Colombia: Rebels orphan three for their parents' faith
Temporary and Conditional Freedom for seriously ill pastor
Hope in Mali rises with international military intervention
Attacked Christians in India Fear Returning Home
India: Lawyer blames victim in New Delhi rape case; attitude reflects society at-large
A letter from the Depths of an Iranian Prison from a U.S. Minister
Egypt's only hope: Freedom Fighters
Cuba: Church Leaders Denounce Government Threats to Destroy Church Property in Camaguey
Pakistan Christian Has Heart Attack Around Death Sentence Appeal
Iran Frees Frail Pastor Vruir Avanessian
Yemen: Southern Baptist 32-year legacy lives on
Christian workers need your help in Nigeria
Mali rebels push government region
Sudan Cracks Down on South Sudanese Christians
Colombia: Murdered evangelist’s widow also killed after threats
North Korea Refugees Respond to World Watch List
Iran: Urgent prayer request for a Christian in great need
Egypt: Salafi party selects new leader; parliamentary elections forthcoming
Kyrgyzstan: More religious activities proposed for legal chopping block
Nigeria Boko Haram continues bloody path to dominance
European Court to Rule on Controversial Christian Freedom Cases
'Give Peace a Chance' rally held in Pakistan to mark the 46th World Day of Peace

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