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Medical Help - Indonesia, Philippines, Israel, India, Middle East

Christians In Crisis has partnered with another ministry to help provide much needed relief to the refugees of the ongoing crisis in Indonesia which resulted from the conflicts in the Maluku Islands. Please join us in supporting this relief program by sending a tax free contribution to Christians in Crisis.

Medical Relief - Indonesia

Many refugees have minor-to-serious conditions needing medical attention. Skin disorders, (Leprosy, and Scabies) Malaria, Cholera, TB, cleft pallets, diarrhea, eye and ear disorders are common.

During the attacks on their villages many of these refugees have lost limbs, been shot, hacked with machetes, undergone forced circumcision, and have been physically violated in the most personal and horrific ways. Many are in need of expensive and skilled medical procedures to restore their broken conditions.

Malnutrition remains a problem. Christians have fled to the jungle for safety when their villages were attacked. Unable to safely return to their homes, they were forced to survive on limited food foraged in the jungle, sometimes for long periods.

A small clinic has been set up that provides medical treatment to 200-300 refugees a week. The medical staff is highly qualified and brings healing to wounds and disease. The medical staff also do clinics in the refugee centers. This is done free of charge and no one is turned away.

Christians In Crisis also helps provide medical relief to poor and indigent families in poverty stricken villages in the Philippines. This is accomplished in cooperation with Filipino Medical Missions Teams.

We also have contacts in Israel, India, and the Middle East, to provide medical relief and supplies, which are desperately needed.

If you desire to donate medical supplies directly, please use the general ministry section in the Contact Us area and let us know.

Make all checks payable to Christians In Crisis, making a notation in the remarks section of your check to designate your contribution to Medical Relief for Indonesia,  Philippines, Israel, India, or the Middle East. Mail your checks to the following address:

Christians In Crisis
Attention: Medical Relief
Post Office Box 293627
Sacramento, California 95829


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