Christian Families Flee Homes After False Blasphemy Accusation


Date:  November 10, 2017

Pakistan (WWM)

An 18-year-old in a Pakistani village was accused of blasphemy against Islam. Reports indicate that a fake Facebook page was created that accused the teenager of blasphemy and called for his execution. “Pakistan has the most stringent blasphemy laws in the world, which have been used disproportionately against religious minorities.” People were calling for the death penalty for this young man, and for his church to be burned down. Christian families from his village have now gone in to hiding and local authorities were alerted to the situation. 

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  • Pray for this young man and the other families who have had to go in to hiding due to false accusations.
  • Pray for the authorities to take the situation seriously and provide the necessary protection for this young man.
  • Pray for the continuation of Muslims to come to Christ.

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