North Korean Defector to Share Her Story at Event Co-Hosted by ICC


Date:  November 10, 2017

North Korea (Christian Post)

Grace Jo, a North Korean woman who finally escaped her home country, shares her story of life in one of the most repressive areas of the world. She lost her father, two brothers, and a grandmother to starvation. At times, Grace Jo was sentenced to hard labor and, at other times, was sent to orphanages while her mother was in prison. In 2008, Grace Jo, along with her sister and mother, came to the US as refugees and is now helping lead “an organization that facilitates the escape and rescue of victimized North Koreans.” 

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  • Pray for Grace Jo and her family as they seek to be a blessing to other North Koreans.
  • Pray for those living in North Korea who are often imprisoned at the government’s discretion.
  • Pray for others who make their way out of North Korea as they adjust to a new life elsewhere.

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