TAJIKISTAN – Pastor faces prospect of prison after police raid church

Source:  www.barnabasaid.org

Date:  November 9, 2017

Secret police raided a church service in Tajikistan on Sunday 29 October. “They behaved very rudely, took pictures and confiscated 45 copies of Christian books. They also took pictures of the Sunday school … [and] a program of the lesson from one of the teachers. According to the law any program for children has to be approved by ministry of education,” a source told BF.  

Police are examining the confiscated materials to see if they are “extremist.” The pastor of the church faces the prospect of imprisonment. “If they will find some things in the books it will be a criminal case and several years of jail. At best it will be an administrative case and they will fine the pastor or church,” the source reported.

In July, Tajik authorities jailed a 42-year-old church pastor and father of three from Khujand for three years for “inciting national, racial, local or religious hatred or dissension” after confiscating church hymnbooks.

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