INDONESIA – One in five Muslim students would support the establishment of an Islamic state in Indonesia


Date:  November 9, 2017

One in five Indonesian university and high school students support the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in Indonesia, according to a recent poll.

Nearly 20 percent of the 4,200 Muslim students from top schools in Java said they would support an Islamic caliphate replacing the current government. Nearly 25 percent supported the waging of jihad to establish an Islamic state. An Islamic state is modelled on the first Islamic state founded at Medina by Muhammad; it has an Islamic government that enforces sharia law.

The survey was published less than a week after more than 1,000 Islamists protested outside the Indonesian Parliament in Jakarta against government plans to disband some Islamist organisations, including the one which campaigned to press blasphemy charges against the Christian former governor of Jakarta, who was subsequently jailed for two years.

From Reuters here

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