PHILIPPINES – Pray for Christians forced to build improvised bombs for Islamist militants


Date:  November 1, 2017

Hostages escaping jihadists in Marawi say they were forced to make bombs for Islamist militants, some even press-ganged into fighting for Islamist rebels.

Militants captured more than 200 hostages, many of them Christians, and forced them to build improvised explosive devices and scavenge for food and weapons.

The Philippines’ government later announced that the army had retaken Marawi, after five months of fighting. One escaped hostage recalled how the jihadists – excited by their “success” in Marawi – openly discussed other possible targets, including Manila, the Philippines’ capital.

The Philippines is a Christian majority country, but the south has a significant Muslim population. Islamist groups, fighting for independence and sharia law, have engaged in a decades-long conflict with the government. 

Give thanks that the immediate threat from Islamists in Marawi has ended. Pray for the families of believers who have been murdered, and for those who were held captive, that they will be comforted by the presence of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 1:4). Pray that the five-month siege of Marawi will mark the end of the Islamists’ violent attempts to impose sharia law and that the Muslim minority will live in peace and harmony with their Christian neighbors.

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