COVID 19 UPDATE Enforced Conversions and Kidnappings in Nigeria


Date:  July 12, 2020  

World Watch Monitor (WWM) independently verified a video showing a young girl named Becky being converted to Islam in Nigeria.

The WWM believed that Becky was to be 14-16 years old, and was led by the governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje. In the video, the governor leads Becky in declaring Islamic ‘shahada’ prayer, the Islamic pronunciation of faith. He then tells her to change her name from Becky (short for Rebecca) to any female Muslim name.

"The power dynamics show two young girls literally hemmed in by an invited media crowd as the Governor and his aide appear to ‘show them off’ during the ‘shahada’ prayer. There is a professional camera light right behind Ganduje shining straight into Becky’s eyes and the constant noise of camera flashbulbs going off throughout the 4’00” video."

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In a recent report from International Christian Concern (ICC) regarding Becky’s case, ICC stated that “conversion in Nigeria is not illegal. Neither is proselytization or leading someone in conversion”. In Becky’s case, it is illegal and wrong for the governor to place such social pressure to change the religion of an underage person, especially a minor. In addition it is illegal in Nigeria to convert an underage child without the consent of the parents.

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 Joy Dankaka Case:

16 year-old Joy Dankaka was born on February 26th, her father died when she was six years old and as it is in Hausa culture, her mother agreed that her late husband’s cousin Reverend Markus Ahmadu would take her in and sponsor her through Junior secondary school. They moved Joy into senior secondary at Pampaida, Lkara in neighboring Kaduna State.

On March the 23rd, 2020. The Kaduna State Government ordered the lockdown of all schools as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rev. Ahmadu and his wife and relatives waited and searched for Joy until the head of the Rumi Village told the family that he was with Joy in the House of the Chief Imam of Ikara, Hamza Bello. The family received a message from Joy saying that her “life is in danger”. The relatives went to rescue her but they were told that she is now a Muslim and was been given Islamic parents. Joy's family are working to get her back.

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Sadiya Amos Case:

A 17 years old Sadiya went missing on the night of 5th January. Her family is from Ikara in Kaduna State and lives about two hours' drive away from Joy Dankaka home. Sadiya’s dad, Amos Chindo, was forced to attend a Sharia court and was told he was stopping her daughter Sadiya's conversion to Islam. The court had forged a fake birth certificate for Sadiya.

After the escape, Sadiya says that she was held in a locked room for over a month and forced to convert to Islam. She only managed to escape because her guards outside the door fell asleep.

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