Iran: Prison Sentence for Religious Practice


Date:  July 11, 2019

Just five days ago, five Iranian Christian converts were ordered to start their prison sentences, a year and a half after they were detained in 2017, when they were dragged from their homes and charged for holding Christian church worship.

These individuals, Amin Khaki, Milad Goudarzi, Shahab Shahi, Yaghub Nateghi, and Alireza Nourmohamadi, were initially brought in for interrogation by Iranian security, their only permit to leave being to meet with their families to inform them of their arrest. However, they were released early last year on bail.

And no sooner were they released than they were called upon to attend court on the charges of “acting against national security.” The judge presiding over the case, however, was not pleased with the men’s defense attorney, and he ordered them to find a new one and return at a later date for their court hearing.

At this court hearing, the court sentenced four of the men to four months in prison each for “propaganda against the regime." Amin Khaki, however, had already previously had confrontations with the police as early as 2010, when they charged him with “anti-government activity,” and in 2015 the court charged him for simply enjoying a picnic with other Christians. The court's newest sentence for Amin Khaki is even stricter, reaching one year and two months for the exact same charges as his peers.

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