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Iranian Christian released by ‘courageous’ judge
New law in Laos threatens Christians’ right to meet
Traumatized Widows in Kenya Face Ordeal of How to Press On
Four Suspects in Priest’s Murder Case Now in Police Custody
Sunday Morning Attack: Six Killed in Plateau State
Newly Appointed Cardinal Claims Pakistan is Unable to Control Growing Extremism
Two Pastors, Mother of Eight Shot to Death in Plateau State, Nigeria
Fulani Militants Explicitly Targeting Christians
Muslims steal building materials and disrupt water supply to sabotage Pakistan church construction
Nigerian Christians saved when Muslim imam hid them from Fulani attackers
Christian refugees held in Libyan detention centres face rape and beatings
At least 50 more Christians die in militia-style Fulani attack on two Nigerian villages
Christians in Nigeria’s Plateau State at risk of being wiped out by Fulani attacks
No Christians at all among 1,112 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK this year
His grace abounds: miracles of compassion in the face of evil persecution
Ethiopia-Eritrea: Leaders have 'Opened the Door of Peace'
Christian Converts Violently Targeted by Mob
Christians matter least in Pakistani politics
Kazakhstan: 69 punished for practising faith in first half of 2018
Call for UN to establish International Day for victims of religious persecution
China: Xinjiang's Muslims suffering torture and indoctrination
China: Torture used on Muslims in Xinjiang Detention Centers
China: House church fined 50,000 yuan
Two hundred Christians killed in Nigeria
Iraqi archbishop tells USAID delegation to hurry up aid delivery
UK appoints religious freedom envoy
Church of Muslim converts told to close in Kyrgyzstan
Central African Republic in mourning again as another priest killed
Spotlighting religious freedom on Independence Day
Iraqi Christians Fearful that New Tax Signals Upcoming Persecution

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