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One year on, kidnapped Malaysian pastor’s wife pleads for his release
Egypt: Church built to honour beheaded Copts, but families still waiting for bodies’ return
China: Christians prevented from holding services as authorities impose fine
Nigeria: Government Deploys Troops to Middle Belt
Sudan: Church in Khartoum Destroyed Despite Pending Court Case
Pakistani Christian says daughter, 12, abducted, forced to convert to Islam and marry
Nigeria: First conviction over Chibok girls kidnapping
Nigeria: 7 more killed in violence attributed to Fulani herdsmen
Azerbaijan court turns down Baptist pastor’s appeal
Vietnam: Catholic activist’s harsh sentence condemned by US
China: Xinjiang arrests, “re-educates” ethnic minorities
ISIS presence in Iran draws attention to the mobility of terrorism
Pakistan government unveils historic fatwa against Islamic extremism and vigilante “blasphemy” attacks
Kurdish militia kidnap Syrian Christians as conscripts
Sri Lankan Christians targeted throughout January
Turkish Christians report continuing hate crimes and hate speech against them in 2017
Muslim mob ‘let off’ for Egypt church attack
New religion regulations imposed on Chinese Christians
Sword-Wielding Man Attacks Indonesia Church Injuring 4
Christians Want Investigation Into Murders Of Mexico Priests
North Korean defectors share ordeals with Pence in Seoul
5 killed in Islamist attack in DRC
Sudan government demolishes church despite pending appeal
Churchgoers and Priest Injured by Sword Attack at St. Lidwina Church in Indonesia
Protesters convene in Kazakhstan to protest China’s pension suspension
Dismissed Chaplain: ‘Britain Prisoners Forced To Convert To Islam’
MISSION WATCH: ‘Trigger-Happy’ Philippines President Enabling Missionaries To Preach Gospel Among Drugs Addicts, Dealers
Authorities in Sudan Demolish Church Building in Khartoum
Cameroon Villagers Killed, Churched Torched, As Militants Attack Christians
Kenya Christian Students Injured In School Attack

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