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Three Christian Teachers Killed in Wajir, Kenya
China: Lawyer forced to return license
Dagestan extremist opens fire on Russian Orthodox Church
Catholic nun in Syria describes how she narrowly escaped death
Egypt: monks want new church in memory of Copts killed in Minya bus attack
Nigeria: Fears of ‘another Chibok’ after Boko Haram school attack
Islamic State regroups in Somalia, ‘without many obstacles’
Turkish state blocks election of a new Armenian Patriarch
China: Ningxia plots to destroy mosques
China: Five types of people banned from church
China: Authorities close Shenzhen church, citing false fire safety concerns
Christian from North Korea first heard about God from her torturer
After Muslim woman came to Christ, her brother plotted to kill her
Imam calls for radical reforms to end extremism and safeguard Eastern Christians
Uzbekistan President vows to reform ‘mad dog’ secret police
Tajikistan’s new Religion Law ‘represents total control’
Indonesia: Ahok asks Supreme Court to review his blasphemy sentence
Kenya: engaged couple killed, together with fellow primary school teacher, by suspected Al-Shabaab attackers
Christian Teen Arrested for Sharing Allegedly Blasphemous Content on Facebook in Pakistan
Boko Haram strikes again in northern Cameroon, killing pregnant woman and setting church on fire
Nigeria: Boko Haram leader allowed to walk free – BBC
Iraq archbishop invites Muslim nations to rebuild Christian villages destroyed by IS
Pakistan: 800 Christian families flee neighbourhood after blasphemy accusation
Persecution: What is it, and what can we do about the fact that it’s growing?
Pakistani Christian teenage boy is accused of having committed blasphemy (Breaking News)
BREAKING: 1,000 Christian Families Flee Lahore After Mob Threatens To ‘Hang’ Man For Blasphemy
Christians Held in Brutal Evin Prison, Iran
Christian in Pakistan Arrested for 'Blasphemy' to Appease Islamist Throng, Sources Say
Dagestan (Russia): Terror Strikes as Tension Boils
BREAKING: Pakistan Christian ‘Blasphemy’ Man Released After 20 Months Imprisonment

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