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Ferocity of Hindu Extremist Attacks Stuns Christians in Tamil Nadu, India
Egypt: Copt soldier’s family say he didn’t commit suicide, he was killed
Youhanabad dead remembered as Pakistan Senate wants terrorism charges dropped
Kazakh ‘sting operation’ to catch out Christian backfires
5 years on, what has Pope Francis done for religious freedom?
Hindu extremists in India attack elderly Christians, burn Bibles
Turkey: Andrew Brunson receives new indictment; faces possible life sentence
Turkey in Syria: Afrin Falls; Christians Imperilled - plus Update on Pastor Andrew Brunson
Christians Wounded in Muslim Attack on Church Service in Pakistan
Christian Widow, Bereaved Father Show Reality behind Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria
Activists Campaign Against Hindu Plans To ‘Eradicate Christianity’ From India By 2021
Vatican and Aid Group Urging Halt to ‘Apocalyptic’ Bombing in Syria
Pakistan Christians Injured In Church Attack
China: Pressure increases for Henan Christians
Fading Freedom: The Rising Impact of Islamization on Religious Minorities in Malaysia
Christian Woman in Hiding after Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill Husband in Nigeria
Verdict Expected Soon for Jailed Iranian Christians
Syrian Christians Targeted in Al-Suqaylabiyah
Pakistan’s Gov't Proposes Changes to Blasphemy Laws
Armed Group Stabs Family in Their Home
Second Mass Burial of Fulani Victims Planned
Nigerian Schools Close to Prevent Abductions
Algeria government criticised over heavy fines for transporting Bibles
Pro-Hindu BJP wins over Christian voters in northeast India
UN ‘failing’ Eritrea’s detained Christians
Nigeria: Unexploded Air Force bombs found in shelled Christian village
China: Church members interrogated, four Christians detained
After nine years, ministry partners in India acquitted of “forceful conversion” charges
Hmong Christians hospitalised after mob attack in Vietnam’s northwest
UN told to renew mandate of Iran Special Rapporteur on human rights

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