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Sweden opens church for 5,000 Christians who fled Middle East
‘Crimes against humanity’ in North Korea’s prison camps
India carol singers arrested for ‘trying to convert people to Christianity’
‘Discreet and systematic persecution of Christians’ in Sudan
US Embassy move in Israel: backlash targets overlooked group
Chinese Nationals Warn of Attacks by 'Terrorists' in Pakistan
Christians in Nigeria Complain About Gov't Negligence
Blasphemy in Pakistan Found Innocent
Thousands in Kachin State Suffering Under Blockade
Man Flees as Violence Against Christians Rises in Mali
A Thousand Mourners Bid Farewell to Slain Filipino Priest
Pope And Evangelicals Tackle Persecution Of Christians
‘Pakistan Christian Inmate Dies After Torture’
Christians Beaten, Falsely Charged and Jailed in Mob Attack in India, Sources Say
Indonesian children still in recovery mode one year after church bombing
British PM Theresa May hears about plight of Christians in Middle East
Mali the ‘epicentre’ of jihadist groups in the Sahel
Indonesia church leader charged with blasphemy
Christian families in Myanmar survive mob attack, extend grace to attackers
Russia to introduce new education bill
Iraq bishop recalls his abduction from Baghdad in new book
Belarus renews pressure on Baptists after 10 years without conflict
Uzbekistan clamps down on Baptists over Bible ownership
India: allegations of false conversions by Christians ‘baseless’
Pakistan: Update: Ahmed’s case takes a slight bad turn
Gospel flourishes in unstable Somalia
Conviction of Pastors Upheld, Scores of Christians in Court as Sudan Takes Over Church Properties
Tajikistan – Pastor fined after police raid church
Christian Prisoners: Christmas in Captivity
Over 800,000 call on UN to protect Christians in Middle East

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