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Pre-election ‘warning’ attack on Indonesian church
Pakistan court orders citizens to declare religion
Nigeria Christians want International Criminal Court to investigate Air Force ‘complicity’ in ‘genocide’
Egypt: Copts’ cross tattoos lead to harassment, insults
China: Henan Removes Crosses from Shangqiu Catholic Church, Reinstalls Them a Day Later
Stolen Lives: More girls kidnapped as violence escalates in Nigeria
China: Priests arrested as authorities raid historical church
Nigeria: Benue State Prepares for Second Mass Burial of Victims Killed by Fulani Militants
Indian policeman joins 50-strong Hindu mob’s attack on churches
Iraq: Christian family stabbed to death in Baghdad
Protest organiser arrested as Nigerian Christians call for end to herdsmen killings
Iraq: Christian Family Stabbed at Home by Armed Group in Baghdad
Churches closed in Algeria, symptom of uptick in persecution
Sentencing of Pastor Adds to Uptick in Persecution in Algeria
EU envoy says Pakistan trade access dependent on Aasia Bibi’s release
Christians now targets of public abuse in northern Kenya after Al-Shabaab attacks
Malaysia: Sarawak minister offers lifeline to Christian converts
Our Religious Freedom campaign booklet ‘Turn The Tide’ quoted extensively during parliamentary debate
Three children killed as Syrian rebels rocket Christian school in Damascus
Bangladesh: Two Men Arrested for Targeting Christian Converts
Churches Closed by Authorities in Algeria
Churches in China's Henan Province Targeted
Iran: Believers Continue to be Arrested on Contrived Charges
Religious Identity Used to Justify Violence in Egypt
Christian Church in Pakistan Attacked by Mob
China: Anhui pastor tried a second time

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