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Gospel flourishes in unstable Somalia
Conviction of Pastors Upheld, Scores of Christians in Court as Sudan Takes Over Church Properties
Tajikistan – Pastor fined after police raid church
Christian Prisoners: Christmas in Captivity
Over 800,000 call on UN to protect Christians in Middle East
Nigeria: Plateau attackers arrested, as Christians call for grazing ban
Tajikistan pastor jailed for singing religious songs ends appeal
Eritrea patriarch’s public appearances ‘a marketing exercise’
Pakistan army brokered deal called unconstitutional
Jerusalem controversy and the impact on Christians
Kazakhstan to introduce new restrictions on religious freedom
Mali: ‘Christians can simply be slaughtered’
Nigeria: Government failure and the spread of Fulani herdsmen attacks in Adamawa state
Trump’s Jerusalem move rejected by Arab Christian leaders, who fear backlash
Open Doors presents UN with Hope for the Middle East
Seven Pastors arrested in India for 'Forced Conversion'
Six year old Pakistani Christian girl shot dead after father failed to pay interest to loan shark
Pakistan Boy Killed In Attack On Christian Colony
Hindu Extremists Beat Pastors, Stop Gospel Event in Chhattisgarh State, India
Children Injured As Militants Attack Christians In Kenya
Christian man on trial in anti-terrorist court in Pakistan dies in prison
‘30,000 Eritrean Christians Face Prison And Poverty In Israel’
China Expells Hundreds Of South Korean Christians
US Pastor Jailed In Turkey Publishes Worship Song
KAZAKHSTAN – Restrictions on Christians set to become tighter
IRAQ – Iraqi Christians “persecuted and left behind”
EGYPT – Minya governor approves renovation, expansion or rebuilding of 21 churches
Occult Groups in Nigeria Kill, Kidnap Christians
Second Iranian Christian Released from Prison After Paying Heavy Bail
St. George’s Church Opens Its Doors Following April Attack

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