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Islamic Militants Kill Christians In Coastal Kenya
Christian Children Denied Food In Sudan Refugee Camps
Egypt Urged To Protect Christians After Murder Orthodox Priest
Christian Teenager in India Arrested for Comments on Fake Facebook Account, Sources Say
Hungary Pledges To Accept Limited Number Of Persecuted Christians
EGYPT – Rejection or recognition for thousands of unlicensed churches?
PAKISTAN – Two Christians set free as blasphemy charges are dropped
Egypt: The public spectacle of a slain Coptic priest
Hungary’s response to urgent need to help persecuted Christians ‘stay in their homelands’
Egypt: Priest Murdered, Another Injured, in Cairo While Bystanders Looked On
If Christian ministries are kicked out of India, who will share the Gospel?
US, Turkey: Brunson case: prosecutor recommends severe punishment
Coptic Orthodox Bishop Killed Outside Cairo, Egypt
Discrimination Continues to Impact Pakistan’s Christians
Algerian Christian Convicted of Blasphemy Goes on Hunger Strike
ISIS Recruits Domestic Abusers with the Promise of Sex Slaves
Mother Describes Struggle of Raising Christian Children in Eritrea
Church in Pakistan Damaged in Grenade Attack by Extremists
Cathedral in Nigeria Celebrates 150 Year Anniversary
COSIM Conference delegates confirm mounting persecution in India
Iraq: Christians returning to former IS-occupied Karamles ‘increasing day to day’
Egypt: Coptic priest killed in Cairo
Belarus archbishop: ‘give Catholic Church its rights’
Religious minorities in India see freedoms erode
Algerian Christian on hunger strike after parole rejected
‘Uncontrolled’ growth of Christianity in China ‘makes government nervous’
Kazakhstan proposes further restrictions on religion
Police in Pakistan Beat Christian Boy to Death, Father Says
Mali: Jihadists Attack Churches In Mopti
Cuba drops criminal charges against religious freedom activist

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